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Bernie A. Krec, FRI, CRES


'When Experience Matters'

Profile: I have been a licensed Realtor since 1991 and in that time I have helped hundreds of clients purchase a home. Whether it be your first home, the next home, or an investment property I have the knowledge and experience to help you with what will probably be the largest purchase you will ever make. I have gone above and beyond most Realtors in achieving a higher level of education in Real Estate. I hold two professional Real Estate designations FRI (Fellow of the Real Estate Institute) and CRES (Certified Real Estate Specialist). Very few Realtors in Edmonton hold these prestigious designations. I have also obtained the highest level of licensing by obtaining my Broker license in 2006.  My past experience has helped me fine tune my techniques in negotiating, customer service, and most importantly I have excellent listening skills which enables me to truly understand your needs.


Philosophy: There is a great difference between finding a “home” or settling just for a “house”. Matching a Buyer’s needs with that special home takes care and a special brand of listening, skill, imagination, and Realtor perseverance and integrity.

Knowing what is really important to a client means recognizing and matching the physical attributes of the home and the neighborhood they may want but also caring to realize their priorities in life, what makes them happy, secure, and comfortable and where they picture themselves 5-10 years down the road. Discovering the whole picture of somebody’s desires means finding “dream homes” that can become sure realities, and where home buying can be a pleasant and rewarding process.

As your Real Estate Consultant, I define your success by uncovering and understanding your needs so that I may respond to them promptly, professionally, and with integrity. Valued service will be provided before, during, and after the transaction, so that your changing needs are always addressed and satisfied. It is my pledge to provide you with ongoing sound Real Estate advice, helping you make the most informed intelligent decision possible. Now, isn’t that what buying a “home” should be all about!!


As a licensed Realtor and member of the Realtor’s Association of Edmonton this is what I can do for you:

            Resale Homes:

·       Being a member of the Realtors Association of Edmonton MLS, I can show you any property listed within this service. This means I can show you any property even if listed by another Real Estate Company.

·       If you should see an ad in the paper, Real Estate magazine, or a sign in the yard, call me to find out additional information. If you want to see it I will show it to you. Remember, as a Buyer you want to be represented by your own Realtor. The listing Agent has already signed an agreement with the Seller and is representing their best interests.

 New Homes:

·         I can work with most builders in our area. Most builders in the Edmonton area belong to the Builder/Realtor cooperation program which means I can get all the information you will need to make any decision regarding a new home, but I will need to accompany you to the property on the initial visit

 Investment Properties:

·         I have extensive knowledge and experience in the sale of investment properties. I also have an extensive client base of Real Estate investors. I have taken several courses in Real Estate investment analysis and Property Management. I also own several of my own properties so you can be assured that I “walk the talk” in this area. Being part of an asset management company also offers many property opportunities that most Realtors don’t know exist

·         Whether you are looking for your first investment property or are an experienced investor you can be assured that I will provide you with the best advice and service available in the Edmonton region. I believe that everyone should own Real Estate as part of their investment strategy and would be happy to show you the benefits of owning just one additional property.

 For Sale By Owner

·         A homeowner trying to sell his home himself is usually doing so in hopes of saving the commission. Coincidentally, this is the same reason a Buyer wants to deal directly with the homeowner, however, a For Sale by Owner (FSBO) home does not mean a lower price for you because the homeowner usually has it listed for the same price range as other homes that are listed with Realtors. It only means that the owner is retaining more of the profits. You on the other hand are paying the same price and getting none of the benefits of the Realtor’s services.

·         Many FSBO homeowners will work with a Realtor and pay their commission when that Realtor introduces the Buyer to that home.

·         If you should see a FSBO and still want all of the advantages of my services, please let me contact the owner and set the appointment.

  Buyer’s Service Promise

If at any time during the Buyer agency period, you feel I am not performing the services I am promising to keep, you may cancel our Buyer Agency Agreement.

During the Buyer Agency period, I promise to perform the following services:

1.      Perform a Buyer’s counseling session to determine the criteria for your new home or investment property.

2.      Assist you in obtaining a pre-qualification letter from a lender in order to determine the best price range of your new home or investment property.

3.      Provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) based on your criteria to show you what previous buyer’s have been willing to pay for similar properties.

4.      Provide you with a list of properties currently for sale, including For Sale By Owner, based on your criteria.

5.      Assist you in choosing which properties to view.

6.      Continually update your list by automatically matching properties to your criteria via the MLS, and having these properties sent to you automatically via email, so you become aware of them as soon as they are listed. This ensures you are continually on top of the market.

7.      Show you properties based solely on your criteria, assist you in eliminating properties you do not like, and categorizing those properties you do like.

8.      Advise you of the benefits of a home inspection.

9.      Assist you in completing the offer to purchase contract and all other documents that are necessary to complete the purchase.

10.  Advise you and consult with you during the negotiation process.

11.  Provide you with all the relevant information you will need to make an informed decision regarding the purchase of your new home or investment property.

12.  Help you find the best current financing option for your particular situation.

13.  Assist you in obtaining any inspections you have chosen to perform.

14.  Give you a list of all local Real Estate service providers (ie, Appraisers, home inspectors, mortgage Brokers, Lawyers, moving companies, utility companies)

15.  Coordinate and Oversee all facets of the transaction to ensure a smooth and hassle free closing.

16.  Remain in contact with you after you take possession, and always be available to answer any and all Real Estate questions and concerns.